Expert Sudoku puzzle

Extreme Sudoku level

This difficulty level is the most difficult in the game on the It features a field with the highest complexity and minimal number of opened cells that the program can generate, and is intended only for players with extensive experience. If you are a beginner – constantly practice the game, gradually increasing the level of difficulty, and soon you will become an expert!

The algorithm for generating this expert level Sudoku is constantly being developed and complicated. Moreover, our Sudoku is always 100% resolvable and have only one solution!

Avoid simple mistakes

Since the expert Sudoku is quite complicated – use "helper" and "notes". "Helper" will help to exclude the entry into the cell of a value that is already present in this zone (row, column, square), and “notes” will help you not get lost on the Sudoku playing field.

Learn Sudoku techniques

The expert level of the game requires knowledge of at least the basic methods for solving complex Sudoku puzzles. You can read themhere.