Medium Sudoku puzzle

Sudoku medium level

If you are already familiar with Sudoku puzzle, navigate well in rows, columns, squares and easily solve Sudoku  easy level – then this level is perfect for you. The difference between the medium and easy level is only in the number of open cells, from 30 to 34, but this greatly complicates the process of solving the puzzle.

How to solve medium level Sudoku?

A medium level Sudoku solution requires more attention than an easy level, but it comes down to the same basic technique. In rows, as in columns, as well as squares should be located numbers from 1 to 9 without repetitions.

Tips for medium level Sudoku

To strengthen your skills, develop your logic and memory, simple tips will help you:

Medium level Sudoku, with its simplicity and use of our advice, will prove to be an excellent workout for mind and very interesting leisure activity!