Hard Sudoku puzzle

Hard Sudoku level

Sudoku is a difficult game for experienced players. If you don’t have difficulty with puzzle of medium complexity, it is time to move to a new level – hard. For this level solution, many methods are used, which greatly distinguishes it from light and medium levels. If you are just starting to play hard Sudoku right now, be sure to use the function  "helper", thanks to which you will not make extra mistakes and use  "notes".

How to solve difficult Sudoku?

Hard Sudoku level should start with finding the zone (row, column, square) with the greatest number of open cells. Next, go to search in these areas "loner", where "notes" will also help don't get confused. After each passed zone, we are looking for another one according to the same principle. So continue while we find the zone, with at least 4 open cells. Next, go to the search "pairs" and "triples", if done  - again we return to the initial stage, if not, then we use more complex methods – we look "hidden pairs" and "hidden triples", having found which again we return to the initial stage. And so on...

Basic methods for solving hard Sudoku puzzles:

You can familiarize yourself with these and other solution methods in detail here.

Print hard Sudoku puzzle

If you are confident in your abilities and do not need help and tips - you can print hard Sudoku on a piece of paper. To do this you need a printer, paper and one click on the "print" button near the Sudoku game field!